Friday, February 18, 2011

wHeRe R yOu??!!!~

so actually today as i'll chat n hang out with my girls
thn a friend of mine start staying this thing tat make me stun 4 a sec..
i think is rather interesting althought it is not my fav subject but still..
she said sumthin like this:
where is my hubby t0-be...if i know who's my soon to be husband
i'll find him now no matter where he is...
well i just kept thinking ..
what if ..kalau ditkdrkn u know la u thu siapa dye..
but mcm mane kalau skrg is not the right tyme for u both..
actually it is interesting..
but put it tis way..
u cuba nk lawan destiny..kind off
wat if ur soon to be hubby is someone else partner..
maybe dye dh ade GFke...or a not that kind of a comitment kind of guy
in luv with other girls..
maybe tung org ke..or maybe he's sum losers or he's around here..
n the funny part is kalau dye jumpe u skrg pun
maybe dye x pndg pun..dye x fall pon..maybe..enthla
tats really intersting right...make u think:)

ok maybe sum of u guys don get it..
wat i mean is there actually a reason why...
why don we get to meet as we call it'THE LUCKY ONES'
maybe this is not the right time..
maybe kte kenl org tu but ..
sum people married their chilhood,school buddy n all
da point is we don know what gonna happen next..
in the future..
as they say
we can only plann,but the rest is GOD decision..


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