Saturday, February 5, 2011

NO..u r sooooo....PRETTY!!!~

hey guys..
so i remmbr i saw this video like years ago...i think so
n i love it..i'm not liking it..but i;m loving it..
i mean is so true!!!

sumtyme u r force to praise sum one or othr way..
in a situation like this:
i n my frenz hanging out just like normal teenagers do.
n then it started ..
it is ok..??? i look good  in this outfit???do i look weird???
i'm not pretty just like u..(oh u serious!!!
n then u will surely reply: u look great..there's nothin wrong with u so pretty...
oh god...
there we go  again trying 2 satisfied othrs..
i mean like inside here we just like..
wat da heck is wrong with this women cn u just be normal!!!!...
n its da same like when u were having a desert or watever[eating tyme(:]
n there da girl....started-
i cant eat this anymore had 2 stop..
i'm gettin bgger...i mean ..
oh god xcuse me u no evn close to bgger ..
i am~!!!
oh pupil please...

but honestly sumtyme i became like them too..
begging othrs to praise
just to boost ur cnfdnt...i luv2 do that...yeah i know..
but totally hate it when otrs did it 2 me....

k pupil,
till then...
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