Wednesday, July 20, 2011

style star:BLAKE LIVELY

blake is a fashion icon 4 youngster today!
although she always play simple & always work 4 her..
with her long blonde hair n her youthful of confident also her
colourful wardrobe she show she can also conquer a fashion world
by storm...

simple yet flawless...
a common combination of jeans n white top..

i luv her shirt..just colourful with da zip..just chic~

she play it safe by putting all-black sequin dress...

also black again...but this time
she play it with a lil' lace right at the chest area..
too give it a lil sexy feel to it...

common look 4 NYC girl..
high boots -skinny jeans-scarf-nice jacket just chic ..
i luv this street style..

play it simple but she giv an attitude to her dress..
notice this girl ..she just wearin sum simple blue dress
but she giv a life to it by added a right accesories to it..
her necklace n white vest giv a dffrnt to da entire look...

i hav to show this dress to u..
coz i luv the fact that it has a pocket!!!LOL...
come'on how many dress that u saw rhese day had a pocket
n also the colour is striking..luv it..
she keep it simple but she cn add sumthin more if she like
depends on ur event guys..dress rightly..

her jacket here is soo beautiful with all that colours ..
also the cut boots...nice

this women luv to show her beautiful breast..
most of her dress show her asset beautifully..

take a look here-

n here...

n here too...

play it simple & chic...

this quite resemblace to anne hathaway dress..
but this is more fun should i say n chic~

bubbye girls..
stay cool..
stay beautiful..
be a creative fashionista~
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