Monday, February 14, 2011


so hey guys...i'm back
seriously why i keep saying that i just had a few followers...anyway
so today i'm gonna talk about food..
ok seriously why most of u guys hate food..seriously2...
i luv luv food..
not making love with pupil that had cheese cake is really bothering me??!!
no i'm mean following him/her..i had to get to whoever with da cakes..
ok.. actually why do i think i'm in the world
wat i mean is i think i'm da only girl apart of my bestie ..tis 1 gurl
othrs just kinda ...hmm ...nahhh...nots important
u guys like really..its like why u diet when u r already thin..
wats the purpose of that..
i'm in da othr ways hate diet...of course darlings i luv food
can only last a week or 2..k say watever u want i don mind..u'll
critic tat why i look wat i appear to be now..
but let me tell u this ..
i luv food but i'm not just
appear tat my matobolisme(it tat hw u spll it)..
n scndly..i rarelly exercise..jog or somethin..
wat bothering me is sum one.there r alwys be sumone
that ignore u the most..she hate it whenever i eat...
there alwys a person ask me..
why do u eat soo much..
lets me tell u this..
"do u had a day when u feel like u wanna just eat"
its not like every single day n i frankly not eat tat much actually

why r u so bothering???
n i hated it when evr
u know we hang out..
esp..when we eat tat kinda heavy
such as rice n othrs
n thy tend to be like this:

me :hey u want some more..we had plenty more here..
??? :no thanx i'm full.
me :??hmm..ok

U LIE!!!
u not full..we just been eatin for like a couple of minutes..
i mean like come on..just eat lol..
wat u worrying about..
u obviously thnnr/slimmer thn me!!~

wat i wanna say is..
come on chill..enjoy ur food
but thats doesnt mean that u ..
u had to eat overly n did not take care
of ur health..balance it well..
even i obviously not happy with my own weight...buts its ok..
i'm alright thought..

till then take care..luv urself n da foody~foody

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