Monday, February 14, 2011


so heyy..please take note..

An empty heart n a lil advice…~
Today is Thursday 2011
N now as I stated here…although sumthin is missing
Which I don know wat is it or
Something is gone but still I remind myself
My heart felt very empty..but still I know
That I had my god allah n of course my lovely family
Especially dad n mum….
Many forces had snatch my bestie but still
I’m strong..i’m here..i’ll always be here..
So remember you’ll out there always
Remember god as he be with us wherever we go
Luv ourself ,pray n insyaallah u feel lonely no more
Please please know that your parents luv u very much
That They r the right one for u to go through before u
Become A wife to someone….

Sometime I had don know wat is the function
Of having a partner at such age…I mean 18,19,20 n
So on….there nothing special really ..
I don know why I just don feel nothing bout having
A commitment…

i'm seriously weird right???!!
i'm know i am..

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