Sunday, May 29, 2011

long dresses...

well...hello yo'all nice pupil..

i know that this trend has been goin on pretty long ..
but still i luv this trends..
coz its comfy,stylish,chic n seriously..(u can walk all day in this outfit...
langkah sebesar-besarnyaa but still pupil don notice that xD)

n u can also style it with some boho accesories ,jacket,inner,belt,scarf...anythin...
depends on ur vacation or where u goin..casual or beach ready... u can also wear
it with boots...


style it with a military jacket...for edgier look

look at the colour...

notice the middle-dress its scream sexy!

style it with leather jacket...

this t-shirt dress is soo comfy yet irresistible ,n if ur dress seem to be like
the 1st dress,where there split in front u can wear boots or legging/jeggings 4 modest options....

very laid-back n casual with sandal...

the details on the chest r just right....

good day folks!!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

colour block.....

2011 is the year of colour. Colour blocking is back and it’s bright - very, very bright - with designers such as Jil Sander, Prada, Christopher Kane and Louis Vuitton all pushing this trend.

this trend is full of electric colour,prints..
as they say u cant wear more then 3 steal this look
i luv this look as its scream boldnest,loudest n biggest spring trends...

do check this out...

the dress is a combination of several colours...

i luv how she combined everythin together espicially those heels..u can also
style it with a green/orange top to make it more pop out!

great 4 vacation...

i like how she added the scarf 4 a classic touch..well instead of wearing black
jacket be bold with striking colour !
its really structure dress...heels r amazing..

i luv how he play with colour n make it soo gorgeous!play with colour!

my signature..

look how they add a touch of small flowers/pattern to make it look more soft
but stunning!

sooo girl....
selamat bercolour-block!!!

being 'menyemak'....

in this post i gonna touch about a very complicated situation..
actually its not that complicated...

so mcm b iasa, setiap hari sabtu ...
stay home..well my mum love to watch all this malay series n sumtyme i do
join her..
so i've seen a couple of series that touch this issue..
about 3rd person..ala org ketiga in sum one else relationship..
i memg btol2 don do their brain actually function..
like seriously ...girlfrenz firstly u know that the guy r married so leave
that sick guy alone!!!
i mean there are better guys out there.. i know
guy kalau kawin ke tak nmpk same jew kn ..x berubah sgt la kan
well can't blame him alone, if we as girl x layan x jd kn..
nyway back to topic..
u as a girl how cant ...of course u can read othrs girl mind
sblom mnjalinkn hubungn lg u should think bout his wife ..her feeling
if u in her shoes??? n more importantly is soo funny when u say
that u dont care....polygamy..sanggup n lg u ever
know wat polygamy is?the meaning behind it?r u sure???
setngh girl lg hebat suruh divorcekn wife..
i think they rather enjoy doing this ..buat one happy lovely family hancur...
or othr reason u ,just being selfish!!!
you know what if u really ..just dont care bout the wife..
supposelly u should... coz she was there with him first..she knew him better
she was there with him in his ups & downs time..
bcoz as they say to know his true colour is by being his wife..
then u know the real him..when u in love everything is nice
n seem beautiful ._____.
after marriege ..of course its a different story o____o
i mean if u really that bad..think bout the kids..alahai bebudak tu tongoi2 jew..
apala yg dorg tau...kesian dorg...
this effect them u know kids see their parents as a very important role in their everyday life...
everything..they look up to their parents either dad nor mum..
come on there a lot of guy out there..
mybe this 1 drpd ujian tuhnkn..
just be strong ..
i'm sure deep in ur heart u dont want the same thing hppn to u /family later..

soo bubyeeeeee 4 now

style it right girl....

here a couple of style that u can try while wearing a skirt & pallazo pants

i luv this..who would guess a knitted-sweater can pull off a perfect
combination 4 this style..its look beautiful yet very modest ...

i like this style bcoz of the ankle boots n her stated different..

this look is soo cozy n chic!

i know this style kinda 'sleezy', but stil it speak chic!

i luv this look , if u hav old long jacket/cardigan or even a vintage coat
u cn style it ,u cn evn tie ur belt on i mean not under like she did
but on the jacket soo it more fit it on ur bodyy..

this look is soo chic n vibrant!!!just luv it! pallazo is soo comfy but stylish
in a same time!u cn also add sum of ur statement necklace..

i like this..its different ..if u had a wide cut skirt grab a very dramatic jacket
etc..fur,metal,..put a small belt n nail it with an edgy boots!!!

really straight forward look..simple shirt with high-waisted skirt n dont forget
ur statement necklace..

brilliant !!!a combo of jeans n belt!!!

this is what call boho chill^____^

there many style u can mix & match..
play with material.colours,accessories n etc...
thats all 4 now..
its 1.16am n i'm sleepy...


so heyyy..

seriously straight to the point ..there a lot i mean many type of blogger..
i'm not a professional blogger or in that term 'blogger' ,i'm here
coz i think blog is 1 of many ,a good medium to get connected with ur friend
family ..anyone n of course a good site to xpress ur feelin.well
that one of the reason
why i'm not really
to collect or get as many followers as i can..

this is some type of blog that is not my cup of tea..

well ..i just wanna share that i hate people who freakin care only to just
write about their 'usual' life the same thing everyday in a blog..its quite
annoying actually,yeah ..yeah i get it what you doing???
why don 't u just share certain thing..ur special day..sumthin dffrnt from usual..
u meet sumbody new evn celeberity???
n please yes i also get annoy with people
who post somethin in their blog ,just like a secondary school speech i mean
its long n got phase n everything really make me dizzy n it's uninteresting
thirdly , its really interesting a lot of my friend done this..
espicially GIRL .____.
you talk about u wish she like this..she like that
nothin satisfy you isnt it?
she acting like a big B**** n then u start giv ur OWN opinion
like ur the perfect person in whole wide world..n that u r the right one..

next stop will be...
dont just create ur blog 4 the sake just to tell us the story bout u n ur boy..
i get it ..maybe u'll say i nvr had any relationship be4...WHAT DO I KNOW???
ike seriously once in a while ..its ok but every post like...hell nooo
why do u want to tell everythin u had with him to the public?
sumthin r meant to be secret or special 4 just the both of i right?
what happen to ur blog when ur both break-up???

that just sumthin i though 4 now...
nyway hapy holidays every1...

Friday, May 27, 2011

i -aim-a-change...

xD HEY...

sooo i'm thinkin this few days ...
i want to change physically n mentally..
its always been my dream ever to lose weight ..
soo that i feel a bit lose able to carry myself more easily
not that i not grateful of what i am..
just want a change...feel brand new...feel more vibrant..
feel ...just new


Saturday, May 21, 2011

royal wedding.....

how enchanting....

so heyyy..
as usual i also gonna post somethin bout this legendary wedding..
my ex-beloved prince of wales xD...
nyway not gonna touch any or giv u the same info..
bout the wedding or bout kate & william..
how bout we just set a journey to this wedding through pictures & videos...

this is when william say to kate: U R BEAUTIFULL

the kiss....muahahahahaa

Queen elizabeth...-_____-~huh

well that is..
kate lookin gorgeous with her classic yet modern dress..she look elegant
her dress really resemble princess grace kelly of Monaco wedding's dress..

i'm sure if late princess diana is still here..
she'll be happy 4 her son..
as kate..really 4 now suite 2 be a princess ..


p/s:kate lookin really gorgeous&beautiful with that make-up..
coz it lookin all natural n a perfect beauty..girl take note
this is how u should look in ur special day lookin radiant yet enchanting
not full of powder n othrs csmctic that make ur face look like FLOUR!!!:D
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