Tuesday, July 19, 2011

style star -ANNE HATHAWAY

hi girls,
in this post i'm gonna share sum tips n style abou fashion..
with this style starlets ,we gonna use sum elements
n make our wardrobe as stylish as as this fashionista~

well we start with..........

anne hathaway
this stylish & gorgeous lady always choose classic yet chic in her
style...she make it more modern 2 suite her personality
thats is so fun ..fresh n young..

let took a journey through her style....

anne look simple yet chic in this simple mix & match outfit...
it soo chic-street,it look edgier with the boots
she also choose the right bag to go on with..
now girls simple tips here:
i'm gonna warn u fashion is all about balance..
do not go too far..if u wear sumthin simple like this..its ok but always
in our outfits it ideal if we only choose one..
u can either choose one thing 2 be a standout / main accesories
wat i mean is clearly her anne make her bag as the main point..
the shoes is edgy modern n beautiful but it not standout too much
clearly she play it safe as she choose a black shoes ..
of course she cn go 4 other more strking colour if she dare too..
but this just right..safe..
now ladies if u wanna rock this look..
there r many many options nowdays COLOUR BLOCK r intrend
u cn mix match with not more then 3 colours of course..
u cn take ur old cardigan,jacket,vest anythin n pair it
jeans,legging or even high-waisted pants/jeans,skirts anythin...
so so much option..let say u cn wear a shirt with a vest n high-waisted skirt put a edgier shoes if u want to focus more on the shoes or a more
fun bag if u want 2 focus on tat..

ok thats it...move on..

beautiful n simple..
always rmmbr girls dont be greedy..
always be minimal ...sum girl just messed
up their style by putting all together ...there just too much style there
just pick one....please

this is the perfect example if u decide 2 try a vintage dress...
this is marc jacob...
it really simple,straight to the point dress..
now girl if ur dress not that 'attraction'
u cn present urself more by ur make-up..
here, anne decide to wear a red lipstick to pop it out a lil bit..
good job anne!

this straight from the runway..
its fun dress u cn choose to accesories it or keep it minimal
like anne here..

this dress is gorgeous..its suit her perfectly
i luv how it really big n puff at the bottom..n the glitters
just nice..

this my fav too..
its sooo sexy n her boobs look awesome ^.^
it just pure sexy from the cut to the lace...
the cutting of the dress is super sexy n at the chest area
the cutting is just right it sexy but it does not make her look
too much going on there..
now this kind of dress if u wear it casually
u cn also wear it with jeans vest or jackets with sneakers / flats
now not with this dress...thePLAIN white dress..
this dress is a no no bcoz of its lace n length...

i luv this dress ..
is dffrnt from her othr dress
but its fun,young
look at her make-up espicially(watever it spell)
her eye its really smokey just va-va-voom
really classy..

look at it structure...first time saw it straight to da heart..
the back..there a long train just drop down really typical 'wedding dress'

i luv the pattern ..really dffrnt
i saw a skirt resemblance to this dress n i think
u also can mix match it with jeans vest/jacket or even
a suitable top/flowy shirt..
there r many options 4 da shoes..be it more to rock elements with studded
a really soft patel wedges or just converse...anythin..

i luv how the upper & down of this dress cn suite together
n it resemblace a very elegance sexy dress...

well that is 4 now girls!
more coming later^^
luv fashion...my passion~always
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