Monday, December 5, 2011


so hola to u guys out there...
its been years n years n years xD..since i left my blog.
so now ladies its time to revamp ur closet..
so girlfriend today me gonna talk about neck scarf styling..

first thing first..
scarf has several kind / types ,but today we gonna talk
about neck scarf..the style how u style it..
k basically u can wear scarf with almost everything from skirt,dresses to jeans
i mean its good to complete ur casual on -the-go outfit..
there are silk,cotton,thick,colourful and a very light type of scarf
its really comfortable,lift the whole outfit n look fashionable & chic at the same time,
`if u live in a cold climate country you can wear every types of scarf,
may be u can style the silk,colourful n light scarf during the spring/summer and more thick material during the winter..
but as for me and all most of all the asian ,its hot in here
so its really suitable for us to wear a very light material..

here nicole wear her in 3 dffrnt looks..
she wear it as her hair band n then convert it
to be her neck scarf..
n if u look at her outfit she style it simple
she make her scarf as her accessories
its really a simple n cmfrtble outfit

they look really chic..
for me i adore when someone just combine high-knee boots n the leopard neck scarf
its really street looking yet really modern chic.
this a leopard scarf ,there r light n thick material
i just love light scarf material coz u case
u dont want to wear it anymore u just have to fold to really small piece
n put it in ur tote or over-size bag..
its really common to see girl wearing shirt/t-shirt n jeans where they pair their boots n the neck scarf

i actually try to find a picture where people dont style their scarf in this very same way but i couldnt find it..
i think most people luv luv to where their scarf with jeans n boots..
not that i dont luv it but i was looking for someone who was more bold n luv to try new things in style..its ok then..

move on

so here jessie style her scarf dffrntly in 3 dffrnt occasion,
first pic i dont know what she's wearing but it look lika a top/dress
this scarf is 'turtle neck' style..its very famous n soo comfy...luv them
on the 2nd piv she's wear a more light-weight scarf..i think its a 'single-note/-i dont know
3rd pic she wearing a 'turtle neck' style again kind off but with dffrnt material

this r several types of scarves

the silk scarf

square scarf

light-weight scarf

fringe/embellishment scarf

colourful scarf

usual winter scarf




so there you have it some style & tips ..hope u enjoy n try to style it later^^

so here is the video that i think will help to guide you
i just luv the 'mira' style

check out the bow style..try to rock it!

bye fashionista..till we'll meet again xD
n also most of this scarf is from ZARA...gorgeous
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