Saturday, February 5, 2011

those e-mails~!!!

heyy guysss..
i just remembr ...long long tyme ago..
whn i first know wat intrnt is...
so me n my friends like ..yeah we gonna create like a 'cool' e-mail..
those name tat so unusable if i look back now!!!
my friend would put like..

-THELONELY...._...@...(WAT DA HECK)???!!!

n othrs more...i cnt rmmber..
n mine its somethin like this..
its not exactly da same ,i like 2 use sumwords like this:

-ROCKET.......still use this till now(:

i luv to put that kind of name..
n let pupil thing tat i'm a tough chick
..its like..this chick tough..yeah i know baby..(WHY EVEN PUPIL THINK I'M A TOUGH CHICK IF THEY SAW THOSE MAIL)...
i lil crazy back thn..with my buddy..

coz maybe...maybe..
i think now..its like whn pupil ask 4 ur mail..
n i don know maybe at tat tyme i think tat an e-mail..
cn give othr perception bout othr pupil..including me!
so its like if u has an cool mail or wat so ever..u like da coolest person..
is there such things such as a HOT-email???
of course it 's HOTMAIL silly!!!wakakakakakaka....

no i'm just kiddin...such a stupid joke...not evn a joke..haha:D

till then..
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