Monday, February 28, 2011


so this is the review
wat i see is there is soo much of red n pale dress
is back..n also black,
but sum tyme a nude/pale dress is definitely not for everyone..
so lets start..

with this beautiful couples:

penelope cruz n hubby..
she's gorgy as usual but i just dont like this dress on her
she had a fab body n just 1 month aftr deliver her child..
but this just too soon n also she better beware of her boobs

camila alves n hubby matthew lookin gorgy..
the dress is simple but it is beautiful..

n we back to the singles..

jennifer lawrence is simple yet gorgeous..

actually obvslly she's not single..but i cant get a pic of her partner
nowhere 2 be found...hehe
i think tis look is sooo gorgy n this wat u should look
like while u pregnant
very enchanted,very sparkle ....
there sumpupil say she look so simple but i think
this is the best look u should have while u r preggy n not too much ..
it's gonna be worst n i think is not gonna
be comfy..(hw cn i know i'm not preggy but that wat i thinkin)...

anne hathaway ,i aspected much more from her..
n i dont know why she wear this curtain dress..
she beatiful though...

nicole kidman u r soo beautiful..
u r one of my fav fashion icon..but
i certainly dont like ur dress!!!

hilary swank..
i word=

helle berry ..
in her usual style,beautiful..
she's sparkle as always..

mandy moore..
ur dress is really romantic
but it is too pale 4 u...

sandra bullock lookin smokin howt!!!
overall ..great..

go's tooo..lovely n beautiful mila kunis!!!
dress is beautiful n romantic..the colour is nice..
i luv the gown she look enchanted in it..

cate blanchett flawless
well gonna talk bout da dress..
i'm sincerely sooo in deep luv with da dress..
there r sum HARSH comment bout this dress
such as-
-WTF is this..
-the dress look like a dinner plate
-look worst..
just to name sum..

well personally this dress is really high fashion..
this dress is beautiful as it show a form of art..
it's unique,beautiful i luv the back design's just amazing!!!!!

n actually this dress remind me to this dress

charlize theron..
this is a dress by DIOR..n it's such a controversial dress
coz everyone hate it say the big ribbon is
soo unopperiate(sory if my spellin x not right)..haha
it look like big ribbon 4 a car present ..
well pupil this is high fashion n again not
anyone can pull it off..
this is also one of my fav dress..

tats all for now..

so girls be a bold fashionista~



Friday, February 18, 2011

wHeRe R yOu??!!!~

so actually today as i'll chat n hang out with my girls
thn a friend of mine start staying this thing tat make me stun 4 a sec..
i think is rather interesting althought it is not my fav subject but still..
she said sumthin like this:
where is my hubby t0-be...if i know who's my soon to be husband
i'll find him now no matter where he is...
well i just kept thinking ..
what if ..kalau ditkdrkn u know la u thu siapa dye..
but mcm mane kalau skrg is not the right tyme for u both..
actually it is interesting..
but put it tis way..
u cuba nk lawan destiny..kind off
wat if ur soon to be hubby is someone else partner..
maybe dye dh ade GFke...or a not that kind of a comitment kind of guy
in luv with other girls..
maybe tung org ke..or maybe he's sum losers or he's around here..
n the funny part is kalau dye jumpe u skrg pun
maybe dye x pndg pun..dye x fall pon..maybe..enthla
tats really intersting right...make u think:)

ok maybe sum of u guys don get it..
wat i mean is there actually a reason why...
why don we get to meet as we call it'THE LUCKY ONES'
maybe this is not the right time..
maybe kte kenl org tu but ..
sum people married their chilhood,school buddy n all
da point is we don know what gonna happen next..
in the future..
as they say
we can only plann,but the rest is GOD decision..



Wednesday, February 16, 2011

welcome to the world FARIS with luv~

so as'lamualaikum
n hiii..
so just wanna share a happiness .a miracle that god had created..
i'm gonna introduced my cousin..who just arrive here..WORLD with HIS bless
of course..

he is his...hehe
earlier i'm mistaken FARIS as FARISH ...FARISH is such nice name too right?
coz i think FARIS is too common nowdays....
hahaahaaa...ohh not good to say that..haha(:
he weighted same as meee..which is 3.8KG(back then) if i'm not mistaken..i'm such a big gurl right??? till now actually...hmm..
n he has a very cute-round face
i think he look more similar to my uncle..i guess
n lastly absolutely adorable baby boy!!~

so till then
luv ur baby~

think about it!!~

a deepest-cut for U(:

so hi guys..
i just wanna share 1 of my all-time fav. song..
so hope u enjoy it..
this is dedicated 4 u who who..hmm..of course
in his/her diffucult time..HEARTBROKEN<3so hope u'll feel just enjoy.xoxo~


I would have given you all of my heart
But there's someone who's torn it apart
And she's taken just all that I had
But if you want I'll try to love again
Baby I'll try to love again but I know

The first cut is the deepest
Baby I know the first cut is the deepest
But when it come to being lucky she's cursed
When it come to loving me she's the worst
I still want you by my side
Just to help me dry the tears that I've cried
And I'm sure going to give you a try
And if you want I'll try to love again
Baby I'll try to love again but I know

The first cut is the deepest
Baby I know the first cut is the deepest
But when it come to being lucky she's cursed
When it come to loving me she's the worst

I still want you by my side
Just to help me dry the tears that I've cried
But I'm sure gonna give you a try
'cause if you want I'll try to love again
Baby I'll try to love again but I know

The first cut is the deepest
Baby I know the first cut is the deepest
When it come to being lucky she's cursed
When it come to loving me she's the worst


Monday, February 14, 2011

da flare jeans~

today gonna talk about the one n only flare jeans:~

i know it so yesterday but so in-trend now
its back for this spring/summmer2011....
n i actually kind of suprise..
didnt aspect that for start...

but who cares...nyway
wat i gonna tell u..
this is fav jeans from the beginning..
apart from da boot-cut jeans..
i never like the straight cut jeans..
my first ever jeans that i bought is(my mum bought)...
flares jeans...
i remember i bought 2 of them bcoz i luv it.. much
makes my legs look more long n leaner...just perfect!!!
my mum ask me to bought one straight-cut n other is da flare
but i didnt one too,
i bought 2 ...
first one is black n 2nd one is the typical jeans colour ,

nyway..this jeans is amazing
espicially for the curvier girl coz(slim girl too :D)
u know wat we call....we had big but n thights n everything more u know...
so it actually..will help to..
wat u call it..emphasize ur waist make ur leg more long
n leaner n u cn wear it with any shoes
such as platform,heels,wedges,flat whatever...
it cn turn ur simple outfit to a WOW factor!!!
make u look more edgier n chic!!~

u should try it...
n definitely buy 1..
its worth it!!!

till then,
create ur signature..create ur fashion..


maniac with long-flowy dowey skirts!!!

heyy..wat ups...
for this trend here ..
i gotto to say i luv it ..
its chic n its classy..

k like this one..
which is in da above pic..
i had bought a skirt just like that sort of just a lil diff in material
my one is in deep purple n it is gorgeous i luv it...

u can wear it simple..very C.K..with a t-shirt
or u cn add lil a vest,jacket,cardigen,belt
cn wear it with ovrlapp shirt,a classic blouse
u cn tuck it-in,
be creative..
u can wear anywhere either for
formal or casual....
for u girls out there u cn wear ths 4 ur first night out/first date
its surely gorgeous!!!~

till then
be creative fashionista


we want DOMO!!!!! we want DOMO!!!!!!~

so heyy guyss..
say i'm acting like a kid..or watsover
but really i kinda have a new crush that is teng..teng..teng.." MR.DOMO"
yeah..i knoe its like soo yesterday but i just discover him ^.^..
i just thought of telling u all bout my childhood cartoons
i luv luv TOM&JERRY..yeah i know
they r fun right!!!~
now i'm acting like a 4 years old kid..

but really when i look back..
tom&jerry never dissapoint me..
always make me laugh,havin good tyme...luv it!

yeah k back to domo..
domo is so cute its
is like this plain wood who had eyes.mouth
n its soooo cute..
n funny too..

till then,



Heyy guys…
So I gonna open this topic 4 today..
I mean tell me if u really dare to curse in front of ur parents…
If I did tat ..i just like don know wat would happen next..
Maybe I get a kick-off ..out of da house daughter!!!??
No seriously.i swear my parents hate those cursing-words..
Me being a typical teenagers..when sumthin not pleasant had happen
You tend to be like this:-

And the famaous last words go to…tatatdengdeng…dengdengh….hehe..

######################just pause right there#####################...
Now if I dare to say iot n unfortunately
My parents hear it…aiseyman…dig ur own grave….
When I say this dramas on TV..
N also a real life teenagers lioke us dare to done that..
N their parents like-
oh my son/daughter just curse me.its o.k he/she just sad”
Then u tend 2 see this especially in tose stupid soap opera
I said stupid coz why your parents cry of …I mean why why da heck
is their parents cry-of-regreting..coz their child
just curse them n u r the one who apologized
4 ur som or daughter fault…is soo weird..

k till then bubbbyee...fellasss!!!!~



so heyy..please take note..

An empty heart n a lil advice…~
Today is Thursday 2011
N now as I stated here…although sumthin is missing
Which I don know wat is it or
Something is gone but still I remind myself
My heart felt very empty..but still I know
That I had my god allah n of course my lovely family
Especially dad n mum….
Many forces had snatch my bestie but still
I’m strong..i’m here..i’ll always be here..
So remember you’ll out there always
Remember god as he be with us wherever we go
Luv ourself ,pray n insyaallah u feel lonely no more
Please please know that your parents luv u very much
That They r the right one for u to go through before u
Become A wife to someone….

Sometime I had don know wat is the function
Of having a partner at such age…I mean 18,19,20 n
So on….there nothing special really ..
I don know why I just don feel nothing bout having
A commitment…

i'm seriously weird right???!!
i'm know i am..



so hey guys...i'm back
seriously why i keep saying that i just had a few followers...anyway
so today i'm gonna talk about food..
ok seriously why most of u guys hate food..seriously2...
i luv luv food..
not making love with pupil that had cheese cake is really bothering me??!!
no i'm mean following him/her..i had to get to whoever with da cakes..
ok.. actually why do i think i'm in the world
wat i mean is i think i'm da only girl apart of my bestie ..tis 1 gurl
othrs just kinda ...hmm ...nahhh...nots important
u guys like really..its like why u diet when u r already thin..
wats the purpose of that..
i'm in da othr ways hate diet...of course darlings i luv food
can only last a week or 2..k say watever u want i don mind..u'll
critic tat why i look wat i appear to be now..
but let me tell u this ..
i luv food but i'm not just
appear tat my matobolisme(it tat hw u spll it)..
n scndly..i rarelly exercise..jog or somethin..
wat bothering me is sum one.there r alwys be sumone
that ignore u the most..she hate it whenever i eat...
there alwys a person ask me..
why do u eat soo much..
lets me tell u this..
"do u had a day when u feel like u wanna just eat"
its not like every single day n i frankly not eat tat much actually

why r u so bothering???
n i hated it when evr
u know we hang out..
esp..when we eat tat kinda heavy
such as rice n othrs
n thy tend to be like this:

me :hey u want some more..we had plenty more here..
??? :no thanx i'm full.
me :??hmm..ok

U LIE!!!
u not full..we just been eatin for like a couple of minutes..
i mean like come on..just eat lol..
wat u worrying about..
u obviously thnnr/slimmer thn me!!~

wat i wanna say is..
come on chill..enjoy ur food
but thats doesnt mean that u ..
u had to eat overly n did not take care
of ur health..balance it well..
even i obviously not happy with my own weight...buts its ok..
i'm alright thought..

till then take care..luv urself n da foody~foody


Saturday, February 5, 2011

what is wrong with me????!!!~

well heys guys....
there sumthin that keep me  goin on bout it...
well u guess wat??well yess!! i so in to beauty pageant..
i mean like..i don hating it just
that i think it just a stupid-boring-useless-fake show ever
that only focus in outer beauty...i mean like its a BEAUTY
of course its all bout beauty rite...

not any beauty pageant..
i'm talkin bout MISS UNIVERSE..
well before u all out there made any bad assumption..lets make..
it clear 1st..i'm not dreamin 2 became a beauty queen..nvr will be
i just kind of amazed by it...k..tats more

n i'm shock ..well i search 4 their
some countries r really serious bout it..
such as venezuela,phillipines n mexico,colombia even indonesia..
its like their country pride if their crown queen..
be placed..(top15,top10)..
in miss universe or any other beauty pageant..

well i'm running late...kind off..
so ..bubbyeeee

NO..u r sooooo....PRETTY!!!~

hey guys..
so i remmbr i saw this video like years ago...i think so
n i love it..i'm not liking it..but i;m loving it..
i mean is so true!!!

sumtyme u r force to praise sum one or othr way..
in a situation like this:
i n my frenz hanging out just like normal teenagers do.
n then it started ..
it is ok..??? i look good  in this outfit???do i look weird???
i'm not pretty just like u..(oh u serious!!!
n then u will surely reply: u look great..there's nothin wrong with u so pretty...
oh god...
there we go  again trying 2 satisfied othrs..
i mean like inside here we just like..
wat da heck is wrong with this women cn u just be normal!!!!...
n its da same like when u were having a desert or watever[eating tyme(:]
n there da girl....started-
i cant eat this anymore had 2 stop..
i'm gettin bgger...i mean ..
oh god xcuse me u no evn close to bgger ..
i am~!!!
oh pupil please...

but honestly sumtyme i became like them too..
begging othrs to praise
just to boost ur cnfdnt...i luv2 do that...yeah i know..
but totally hate it when otrs did it 2 me....

k pupil,
till then...

those e-mails~!!!

heyy guysss..
i just remembr ...long long tyme ago..
whn i first know wat intrnt is...
so me n my friends like ..yeah we gonna create like a 'cool' e-mail..
those name tat so unusable if i look back now!!!
my friend would put like..

-THELONELY...._...@...(WAT DA HECK)???!!!

n othrs more...i cnt rmmber..
n mine its somethin like this..
its not exactly da same ,i like 2 use sumwords like this:

-ROCKET.......still use this till now(:

i luv to put that kind of name..
n let pupil thing tat i'm a tough chick
..its like..this chick tough..yeah i know baby..(WHY EVEN PUPIL THINK I'M A TOUGH CHICK IF THEY SAW THOSE MAIL)...
i lil crazy back thn..with my buddy..

coz maybe...maybe..
i think now..its like whn pupil ask 4 ur mail..
n i don know maybe at tat tyme i think tat an e-mail..
cn give othr perception bout othr pupil..including me!
so its like if u has an cool mail or wat so ever..u like da coolest person..
is there such things such as a HOT-email???
of course it 's HOTMAIL silly!!!wakakakakakaka....

no i'm just kiddin...such a stupid joke...not evn a joke..haha:D

till then..

girls rivalry???!!!~BEWARE!!!!!!

so hey guyss..
everybody in da whole world know how we girls are..
i mean seriously we good at gossip-ing..trashing othr ppl..just luv to bitching bout othrs...
i mean tats what normal gurls would do..we born to do it rite???!!!
its like naturally ..if there othr tats really don suit u or 4 sum reason u just don like her..
u will start bashing bout like..
-OMG..tat is so last season!!!(tis is my fav..)don know why???
-u r such a B****!!!!
n the famaous last word..goes to...
- S*** much!!!

best word award to....
n now is like a trend to bashing each other on FB...
u say her.n then she n her 'gang' well start bashing in their comment list
n thn u start bashing her again...

n the funny things is...othr gurls did same thing..
but one got nothin to do /cnnction with da previous
i mean tis was totally othrs bashings..
there in the FB the whole drama r there....

n thn there da middle-prson..been there done tat..(x fun at all)..
i'm hav to admit tat im quite a B****..
ok i'm a B**** ,i don know i sooo mean sumtyme..
it just like A will tell me  somethin bout B..
thn- i'll haha..u'r******* i'll gotta to tell B bout tis...(i know ....hmm..)
B gonna piss-off n we'll strt bitching n everythng..
i'm go back n tell A like i don know..
it naturally(i'm so mean 2 say tat)..
 i had been so far all da position..
there r only 3 position..
da winner(A)-B****...da so called mddle  person n  da victim..
it just da same 3 of it..totally..

i really donno when we gonna stop!!~

in our case i guess its turn 2 be like this:

i dont know...whatever ..
till thn
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