Sunday, March 4, 2012

a brief of life!

well i'm gonna talk about life..some pupil life..
this is a life tale...sometimes do u wonder or even think
of those pupil that take advantage/using u or treat u badly n stuff
well, what do u think about these pupil
do u wish they been hit by a car or just go to hell n just died!!!
well it seem pretty cruel there.but for me
sometimes i think n i remember this kind of pupil that r apart of my life
n i didnt want them but they r there..n its really frustrating me
just really really hate hypocrite r they,how they think they r the best
how they think they r always right n the funny thing is how they think they r hawt coz there r
so many guys like u know,,checking them out...such a pure LOSER!!!!
what i wish is not that they died or hit by a car or something..i hope
1 day they realize what they did is pure ugliness n just unattractive..n learn from their mistake,
n just so childish..i'm definitely NOT PERFECT either not sayin that i;m perfect..
i just want everybody know that we all struggle for life no matter who u r,what ur position
but that doesnt mean u can make someone feel ashamed of themselves..
our life is just like a wheel..pretty much maybe this is ur day but who know next maybe
its mine turn...right?
we r human always need each other n what more if we women..
women should understand other women right?
i dont care if u stand 4 ur guys well that good for u..
but it doesnt mean u ignorantly left other women that terribly need help just bcoz
u r late for a damn date!!!!come on please
u said u r my friends ,,u good at talking,making urself look good at others
giving advice like u r the best but seriously
where r u when i need a help?????why r u not there when i ask for a hand???????
huh....again i'm not sayin i;m perfect!
u love to see someone all alone n then u think its funny and start to tease me around,get real hun!

and for those of matter who u r that have a problem with my status_:SINGLE!
I am a very happy & bright SINGLE girl who loves to explore more & more about life! it
u dont have to think..oh u know her she;s fat & unattractive oh..that why she aint had no boy!
please when the time come it comes n i proudly show u my guy,alright girl!
i want a guy that can accept me the way i am n suite to be my husband,my friend,my mate,my soul n my everything..
so yes when i luv that particular guy he must be something..yes,its hard for me to fall in love
that right guy is when i think he can be part of my life forever, how he project himself..
i dont know ...something about him that ..maybe he;s a charity person or just shy & humble guys..really responsible, respect the elder,have good faith to ALLAH road..
i dont see facial beauty(good looking) as an important thing ,its enough if he had a well pleasant smile maybe...who knows
well enough about it....i just dont know. well back to the topic
i just hope pupil will start to care about other more not try to put other down..
u pray to god everytime but do u know its benefits?
to calm ur heart that u can open ur eyes more to what happening around u..

caring is sexy girl<3

Saturday, March 3, 2012

the sexy adriana!

the lovely candice~


new ring!!!!!!

hi guys..

i dont have much to do today..i n my beautiful sister just hang out
and had our time lovingly shop for our goodies..
i have to find some make-up brush bcoz i've been dying to use it other then sponge
the powder one...
i dont get any brush but i;m ending up getting 2 new rings for my collection..
yeayy how exciting!!!!!!!
now we in business babe^^

i luv this new ring...gosh i;ve been looking for it since last year
i mean no not 'looking' for it actually more to searching uhmmm..
the more look alike to this particular ring ..its
so uique,gorgeous n just CHIC!!!!

they having this really market-type of sale...i think
n ok this what i got ,firstly i got this beautiful black ring n then its the same pattern but
its bigger then the previous one,
its peach-coral in colour..
n its soo beautiful really remind u to the beach i think..hahaxD

the peach one..its not like this...its more lighter & romantic should i say..hahaha
this is more to pink right but...u get it

i <3 it~n also i want to mention my other fav ring that is the really dark red rose ringn .....................drum roll..................................

my DIVA turqouise ring...luv luv this one
i luv this ring..its been well 7-8 yrs since the first day we lay eyes on each other...hahahah
this is actually a present from my cousin..n the most expensive ring so far
in my big chunky ring collection..

i just luv ring bcoz u can just wear it with anything n look stylish instantly..
oh my gosh..there so many 'luv' in this post..xDooppss~

well thats all from now..


gossip girl~.^
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