Monday, February 14, 2011

maniac with long-flowy dowey skirts!!!

heyy..wat ups...
for this trend here ..
i gotto to say i luv it ..
its chic n its classy..

k like this one..
which is in da above pic..
i had bought a skirt just like that sort of just a lil diff in material
my one is in deep purple n it is gorgeous i luv it...

u can wear it simple..very C.K..with a t-shirt
or u cn add lil a vest,jacket,cardigen,belt
cn wear it with ovrlapp shirt,a classic blouse
u cn tuck it-in,
be creative..
u can wear anywhere either for
formal or casual....
for u girls out there u cn wear ths 4 ur first night out/first date
its surely gorgeous!!!~

till then
be creative fashionista

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