Wednesday, December 7, 2011


well hola everyone,
so firstly i decided to post about wedding dress today
but with a twist, its a black wedding dress
but actually black wedding dress is not a new thing its been around for a while now..
its actually i remember my friend said to me that she gonna wear black dress for her wedding
well at that time i was shocked,the reason is i remember my mum use to
told me that wearing a black gown in ur wedding its like a jews culture or something..
but i think now days is common to see someone wearing now..
yes its look like u r mourning over someone ..bla...bla..
i kinda love the idea actually although black wasn't my first choice of course,
well ladies if u gonna choose a black dress for ur big day, alright then but why dont we do it in style then right!

n this of course for those girl who r bold,unique n want sumthing dffrnt for their wedding..

for right now in 2011,in fashion we gonna wearing the black dress but with a touch of
other colour such as white,'krim',fuchsia ,pastel even red and gold..

k let me show u some dress..

this is my favourite dress,it's so classy/simple n chic ^^

n honourable mention for this
gorgeous gown..but its obviously not classic but modern..

classy yet modern..luv it

so that is....bubbyeee!
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