Saturday, February 5, 2011

what is wrong with me????!!!~

well heys guys....
there sumthin that keep me  goin on bout it...
well u guess wat??well yess!! i so in to beauty pageant..
i mean like..i don hating it just
that i think it just a stupid-boring-useless-fake show ever
that only focus in outer beauty...i mean like its a BEAUTY
of course its all bout beauty rite...

not any beauty pageant..
i'm talkin bout MISS UNIVERSE..
well before u all out there made any bad assumption..lets make..
it clear 1st..i'm not dreamin 2 became a beauty queen..nvr will be
i just kind of amazed by it...k..tats more

n i'm shock ..well i search 4 their
some countries r really serious bout it..
such as venezuela,phillipines n mexico,colombia even indonesia..
its like their country pride if their crown queen..
be placed..(top15,top10)..
in miss universe or any other beauty pageant..

well i'm running late...kind off..
so ..bubbyeeee
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