Wednesday, July 20, 2011

belly dancing....walllaa!!!!!~

the art of belly dancing...
i luv belly dance..
n i admit i hav learn a couple moves through videos...not officially
its fun n help me loose sum weight..
maybe u wondering why ...belly dancing..
now 4 me..
belly dance is fun..its help me sweat n lose weight,
its scream -celeberate ur feminity...
it not about hangging ur butts & hips around..
there a technic to it..
its celebrate beauty..
its celebrate ur body..
its celebrate women..
n its definitely NOT about SEX!!!
i enjoy it..
its like an art..
it had couples of types as i can say..
tribal style..
turkish style..
modern egypt style..
western influence...
i definitely gonna put me in this dance class 1 day..
nyway here couple of move..

this is quite flirtyo.O,but she's soo energetic xD


look at her fav

my fav too(:

this my fav^^

that all 4 now ladies...
have a nice day..
stay sexyxD
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