Monday, February 14, 2011

we want DOMO!!!!! we want DOMO!!!!!!~

so heyy guyss..
say i'm acting like a kid..or watsover
but really i kinda have a new crush that is teng..teng..teng.." MR.DOMO"
yeah..i knoe its like soo yesterday but i just discover him ^.^..
i just thought of telling u all bout my childhood cartoons
i luv luv TOM&JERRY..yeah i know
they r fun right!!!~
now i'm acting like a 4 years old kid..

but really when i look back..
tom&jerry never dissapoint me..
always make me laugh,havin good tyme...luv it!

yeah k back to domo..
domo is so cute its
is like this plain wood who had eyes.mouth
n its soooo cute..
n funny too..

till then,

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