Friday, May 20, 2011

ximena navarette rosette inner&out.....

its been along time..
i'm very lazy to update anythin..
so as a BEAUTY lover..i gonna to introduce u to sum1 special in my eyes..

jimena when she was little..

well what i like about her is her natural beauty n
of course her inner beauty..
now she work hard in severel charities 4 children n aids..
n i remmmbr she stated that she would like 2 help girls with eating disorder
that is soo sweet..
coz actually it rarelly been heard...
she not plastic^^
she just act& say what she think n xpress it the same way we do in
front of the live camera..
she act the way she is..
n she also very compassionate about what she did to help to the charities..
what she could do to help..give support..time..etc
she really different..
so thats all 4 now..


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