Sunday, April 3, 2011

Me & My DauGhTeR....

hi ..
feelin a very motherly mood today..xD
as i'm readin , i'm remember about this topic ..
well i n my daughter(future)share a same look???
what i mean is ,will we look da same..look alike..
coz i think it gonna be
well i know u all out there must think i ni perasan kn..
n all..ya i know well
its like from 1 generation to another
i'm shy girl so not gonna post any pic of me,my mum n my grandma.. mum got some look from my grandma n they say not me
i had some look..mostly from my mother..
i mean our face..maybe got lot of similar feature...
r u serious???
my mum had a very high-bridge nose n i'm NOT!!!!THAT IS SOOOOOO NOOT FAIR!!!i hate my nose....-.-
my mum is tall(172/173cm)...that wat i dreamin about snce i'm was a little girl
to be a tall girl above 170cm..
i'm only manage to stand just 165cm...
some say i look 160cm, but of course not..thats a bust...WTH!!!~

so anyway here some pic of celeb who share a very similar physic
with their mother...

my lil spoiler suri.c

kate.h n mum~

reese.w n daughter..

n now angie n mum i think they look similar...LOL~

angie mum..


well i'm sory coz i'm out of da topic
but i really had to say this
i really much in luv with this girl for quit

yes it's angelina jolie..
but seriously i 'm as her fan ..
shock at what she had done to this sweet hollywood couple...SHE


angie u shouldnt do that...

but i still luv u^^
tats ur personal not my business...

well anyway
this wat it look for now

i'm happy that u bcome a mother...
i hoping to see ur daughter as i thought it will look mostly like you but
it turn out to be not...xD

shiloh look mostly like his father..

way to go daddy lil girls...^.^

tats it for now..
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