Saturday, May 28, 2011

being 'menyemak'....

in this post i gonna touch about a very complicated situation..
actually its not that complicated...

so mcm b iasa, setiap hari sabtu ...
stay home..well my mum love to watch all this malay series n sumtyme i do
join her..
so i've seen a couple of series that touch this issue..
about 3rd person..ala org ketiga in sum one else relationship..
i memg btol2 don do their brain actually function..
like seriously ...girlfrenz firstly u know that the guy r married so leave
that sick guy alone!!!
i mean there are better guys out there.. i know
guy kalau kawin ke tak nmpk same jew kn ..x berubah sgt la kan
well can't blame him alone, if we as girl x layan x jd kn..
nyway back to topic..
u as a girl how cant ...of course u can read othrs girl mind
sblom mnjalinkn hubungn lg u should think bout his wife ..her feeling
if u in her shoes??? n more importantly is soo funny when u say
that u dont care....polygamy..sanggup n lg u ever
know wat polygamy is?the meaning behind it?r u sure???
setngh girl lg hebat suruh divorcekn wife..
i think they rather enjoy doing this ..buat one happy lovely family hancur...
or othr reason u ,just being selfish!!!
you know what if u really ..just dont care bout the wife..
supposelly u should... coz she was there with him first..she knew him better
she was there with him in his ups & downs time..
bcoz as they say to know his true colour is by being his wife..
then u know the real him..when u in love everything is nice
n seem beautiful ._____.
after marriege ..of course its a different story o____o
i mean if u really that bad..think bout the kids..alahai bebudak tu tongoi2 jew..
apala yg dorg tau...kesian dorg...
this effect them u know kids see their parents as a very important role in their everyday life...
everything..they look up to their parents either dad nor mum..
come on there a lot of guy out there..
mybe this 1 drpd ujian tuhnkn..
just be strong ..
i'm sure deep in ur heart u dont want the same thing hppn to u /family later..

soo bubyeeeeee 4 now
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