Saturday, May 28, 2011

colour block.....

2011 is the year of colour. Colour blocking is back and it’s bright - very, very bright - with designers such as Jil Sander, Prada, Christopher Kane and Louis Vuitton all pushing this trend.

this trend is full of electric colour,prints..
as they say u cant wear more then 3 steal this look
i luv this look as its scream boldnest,loudest n biggest spring trends...

do check this out...

the dress is a combination of several colours...

i luv how she combined everythin together espicially those heels..u can also
style it with a green/orange top to make it more pop out!

great 4 vacation...

i like how she added the scarf 4 a classic touch..well instead of wearing black
jacket be bold with striking colour !
its really structure dress...heels r amazing..

i luv how he play with colour n make it soo gorgeous!play with colour!

my signature..

look how they add a touch of small flowers/pattern to make it look more soft
but stunning!

sooo girl....
selamat bercolour-block!!!
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