Friday, May 20, 2011

say hola to allessandra usman....


as mention so hola to...............


she is miss asia pacific 2011..hehe
(indonesian reps)

i just hope she win or at least in top 5

to me she has this kind og alienated-beauty which is exquisite..watever it spell..
she is sweet of course though sumtyme she kind of blur2...
she's a strong women as her bro pass away recently ..she nvr giv up
n still in the grab the crown..
as far as i cn see she the one among the winner of puteri indonesia
that work hard for several events n charities..
she cn act tooo..

here it the pic of her donating blood..

soo thats all 4 now..
as usual

with indonesian reps 4 miss universe n miss international..

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