Saturday, May 21, 2011

royal wedding.....

how enchanting....

so heyyy..
as usual i also gonna post somethin bout this legendary wedding..
my ex-beloved prince of wales xD...
nyway not gonna touch any or giv u the same info..
bout the wedding or bout kate & william..
how bout we just set a journey to this wedding through pictures & videos...

this is when william say to kate: U R BEAUTIFULL

the kiss....muahahahahaa

Queen elizabeth...-_____-~huh

well that is..
kate lookin gorgeous with her classic yet modern dress..she look elegant
her dress really resemble princess grace kelly of Monaco wedding's dress..

i'm sure if late princess diana is still here..
she'll be happy 4 her son..
as kate..really 4 now suite 2 be a princess ..


p/s:kate lookin really gorgeous&beautiful with that make-up..
coz it lookin all natural n a perfect beauty..girl take note
this is how u should look in ur special day lookin radiant yet enchanting
not full of powder n othrs csmctic that make ur face look like FLOUR!!!:D
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