Saturday, May 28, 2011


so heyyy..

seriously straight to the point ..there a lot i mean many type of blogger..
i'm not a professional blogger or in that term 'blogger' ,i'm here
coz i think blog is 1 of many ,a good medium to get connected with ur friend
family ..anyone n of course a good site to xpress ur feelin.well
that one of the reason
why i'm not really
to collect or get as many followers as i can..

this is some type of blog that is not my cup of tea..

well ..i just wanna share that i hate people who freakin care only to just
write about their 'usual' life the same thing everyday in a blog..its quite
annoying actually,yeah ..yeah i get it what you doing???
why don 't u just share certain thing..ur special day..sumthin dffrnt from usual..
u meet sumbody new evn celeberity???
n please yes i also get annoy with people
who post somethin in their blog ,just like a secondary school speech i mean
its long n got phase n everything really make me dizzy n it's uninteresting
thirdly , its really interesting a lot of my friend done this..
espicially GIRL .____.
you talk about u wish she like this..she like that
nothin satisfy you isnt it?
she acting like a big B**** n then u start giv ur OWN opinion
like ur the perfect person in whole wide world..n that u r the right one..

next stop will be...
dont just create ur blog 4 the sake just to tell us the story bout u n ur boy..
i get it ..maybe u'll say i nvr had any relationship be4...WHAT DO I KNOW???
ike seriously once in a while ..its ok but every post like...hell nooo
why do u want to tell everythin u had with him to the public?
sumthin r meant to be secret or special 4 just the both of i right?
what happen to ur blog when ur both break-up???

that just sumthin i though 4 now...
nyway hapy holidays every1...
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