Monday, July 25, 2011

edgy hair ..r u bold much????!!!~

hi all u beautiful people..
today i'm gonna talk about hair..

i just had a hair cut...
i'm super bold when it comes to hair-cut..
when i'm doin sumthin i want to see a major change..LIKE A MAJOR MAJOR(venus raj moment xD)change!
there nooo way i'm gonna come & sit in the saloon ..
just make minor minor change no..thats not me..
so when i'm decide to cut it all..its mean
everythin hav to go baby...
its a no no if i came there n just cut 3-4 inches of my hair/
just to layered no
n i hate to..i got to remind it to u girls:
honey rebonding/straighten ur hair is not a good thing..good idea
now dont be sucha skittish girl..seriously ur hair will dry n damage n
its hard to handle believe me, i been there once n not return since, it
terrible..listen to ur mama now be a good smart girl ^^...LOL

this is my new hair...taraaaa
not exactly ..this is how short it is..

n i also adore this

now i'm quite impressed n jealous with this ladies who hav
all this patient to just wash n take care of their long long hair
n make sure its in nice condition...maybe u straighten it /colour it..
i dont know its ur hair ...

sum even had it long uitill..
its reach below their 'butt' should i sayxD
thats good of you..
that means u know how take care of ur hair..
there is no way i would do the same n patiently look after it..
espicially in tis humid weather..its hot n i just not a fan of super
long hairxD
my ideal hair is just below the shoulder..
sumtime i think will u know my future husband accept my hair
the short one.. if once in a while i cut it..
will he...maybe he didnt like it..
most guy..MOST they don prefer a short hair girl..
but for me why not ...its a bold statement
come on..i'm definitely sure that most of the girl luv their hair soo much
that they will not cut the hair that short...

wellhere i will like to share sum of my fav short-crops-

well thats all...
see y'all later..
please ladies be bold..speak out ur personality..
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