Saturday, July 2, 2011

boots lover?too many boots...what suit you???

so hey..
r u a boot lover?i know i am!!!
what urs ...

is it a....


or..somethin more traditional...

maybe a more edgier & modern type...

or maybe u r one of the toughest/tomboyish gurl out there...

no matter what ur style is...
boots is the epidemy ..watever it spell..
of show u who u are..
it's a statement...
it show n shine ur personality..
for me people who wears of course a bold person
bcoz u r the who wears it not
boots is wearin u ...
u get wat i mean...

i always luv boots...4 ever
as long as i remember i luv boots seen i know them..
seen i saw them...the first time i touch itt...
sin i was 6/7 yrs old..
i'm not lying..
i hav my first boots when i was 6/7 yrs old..
i want it badly soo i beg my mum bought it 4 me...
so i can wear it with my red dress n other dress..oooo
fashionista seem lil' child...what can i say xD
this is my first boots look like..
not actually the same coz mine got a buckle on the other side
but this is at least wat i can find..

at first i want this pattern ..
but it turn out cousin bought it too
the same one...sooo a big NO....

we're crazy...hahahah
come on we're just 6 yrs old..

oh yes..i found it..
this is just like mine...
with the buckle..^@^


what a memories..

well...what i touch today is..well
for the one who wanna rocks this boot-looks
i;m tellin u now...
not all suite for us..
boot-it comes n go in fashion
when is 'in' everyone try to capture this look..
but sumtyme they over doing it..
its good to try sumthin new...
but try 'sumthin new' that suite u best..

i found out that a petite girl...not all but mostly
is a no-no to wear this kind..

mostly...not sayin all..
most of them look awkward ..lokk like the boot carrying u...
not good girlfrenz...
look like it too heavy for u...even to walk in it..
i always wonder ...r u really comfortable in it???
i know the colours is well,red,yellow...
but still not everythin suite us best..

this boots r awesome ..
actually i been thinkin..
as it is a boots with 'heels'
we can also wear it formerly...right?
n u can also wear it with long dress n long skirts...
of course skinny is the save options..

more example ^^

i don think look like a boots
but they say it is a semi-boots????
watever ...still sexy


look at the details...weehee..haha

my fav...

till then..
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