Monday, July 25, 2011

kenapa kena jd famous dkt FB????

firstly ..
if u had a blog just like me...
u got 2 be famous coz..
all that people will be ur 'FOLLOWER' in ur blog..
although ur blog is soo boring,,no info much,typical title(post)is common.
or ur blog is full with secondary essay n just bout u n ur hubby luv,..
well i rarely foung a guy which is a MALE by da way who writting a blog
bout him n his girl...really rare...tgok prumpuan kita jgn lbh2 sgt
nk memuja laki ney...sndiri mau ingtla..

even u upload the most ridicilious picture..x ksh dgn individu trsbut or not..
still people will comment like its interesting..
its soo funnu if u being quitw slut also..they dont judge u
coz ur hot..or if u uploaded u wearin
the mostworst fashion-forward oufit-is soo outdated century ago
still pupil think its awesome..
n what so funny about it is..if they upload a cartoon...exm:
tom&jerry,ben10 or wonderpet ...u pupil will still comment
'oh how cute;.comelnyaa,trngt mse kecil2 dulu,awk pon mnt ke smelaxD(nk mngortla tuu)
dan dan jew korg tuu..
its soo funny coz i know sum of them n like seriously...
hmm...well...seem when..u..

if u post a video..a song or anythin..
syddently it everybody fav n its popular again
coz she/he post it...soo its got to be special..
tetiba jew dan dfan la ko suka lagu tu pulak..tah sejk bila..
tetiba ko pun tgok gak cite tu kt pawagam..
tetiba lagu yg ko x suka jd fav sgt2..
xD coz i rmmbr like ..i don want to talk bout others..
so exmple
i post a couple of song..n then few minutes/hours later..
maybe she my post she/he like ikt but cant press the button 'LIKE'
coz i;m sorry y'all i'm famous soo cant 'LIKE' only
others can push that button 4 my profile..
thenshe/he start posting that song..same..same song..
n not more then 2-3 minutes its about 40-50 pupil like it...
hmm..that soo weird..

well...she/he post become the next big thing...
'oh,i;m alone tonight(no big deal),'i;m waitin 4 u',;i miss u','BARU LPS MKN KT.....',x dpt tidur la mlm ney...,'way to genting...(just go)
still people will comment it like its such a big deal..
like its some heavy prob that we all..ALL OLF US hav to help her/he
just bcoz they cant sleep& n cant eat..hmmm...

or..the army of skanks will come n destroy u...
seriouly,even wat they did just wrong wrong wrong still their followers
support them n accuse other parties
of being JEALOUS..common..x da alasn lain kn
even if some people well they quite straight forward..
n the the famous individual felt hurt/dont like wat she see..
u get it..
everyone will come to her side..
'jgn risaula......dye tu jealousla tu,'eeiiiiii x pdn gn rupa nk kn.... nk mngutk... pulkkn,'ala org jealous mmg cmtu,'....
memg bye-byela..

lastly the biggest priotrity...
if u r famous other famous people will migglw with u..
n if u upload ur activity n pic...its be like a splash!!!!!BOOM!!!!!!
sos so many comment...its good
if ur not popular n u get to be friend with a popular individual coz u get follower tooo..GUARENTEE(wat ever it spell)

most of the famous GIRL...
is popular bcoz of themselves...really
they either sell items..scarf..clothes
or they r a good fashionista
or just had the genetic prettyface& body

"dont blame me i'm pretty"

nyway thats all 4 now..
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