Wednesday, September 28, 2011

muy hermosa me familia !

so..hello guys friends n beloved family..
well its been a long time...since i'm disappear ...
its just a short post...just gonna show u the man,women girls n boys
all beautiful beautiful person that really means a lot to me...

well this is in my mother side since i'm really really close to them

my kucing gemok family...

my tin sardin family...

enrique/bruno mars fanatic family(half-flipino fanatic)
up-side-down family...haha

u guys must be wondering ...why do they have such name

actualy its depends how.i mean what is our fancy nick-name in our family..
like me....they must be writing min mon/doraemon family or
keon family-my lil sis fancy nick-name...

more pic of me familia>>>>

n my beautiful boys...mwhahahahahah ...

faris lookin just like cute porcelein doll..

this just half...of them..
most of my pic just gone...nyway gonna keep up-dating them.

n yeah this is the man behind the'allll!
very passionate about photography n in taking a good pic..
keep up-dating his Nikon camera @.@ >>>>

the man yo'alll

nyway that its for now...
muchas gracias n tener un buen día! muy feliz~
adios <3
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