Tuesday, June 28, 2011


deborah henry

oxana federova

dayana mendoza

shandi finessey

jimena naverrette

taliana vargas

reisa kartikasari(left)

olesya stefanko

natalia(miss peru 2011)

alyssa campanella

brittany brannon

ksenia sukhinova

allissandra usman

sabrine al-tawil

rozana purcell

sheldry saez

rosanna davidson

stefania fernandez

elisa najera

lara dutta

xhesika ...

yes they all r beauty queen 4 their respective counry...
u know what?
i luv beautiful pupil espicially women..get me..WOMEN
yeah i know u must be thinkin that i'm a lesbian..
no ...just admiring god creation..
they r just apart from many beauty that i adore..
i mostly luv pupil who r beautiful inside+ beautiful outside=perfect
as a human of course(we r not THAT perfect..nobody perfect..)
u know wat i mean...
its weird coz i dont judge guys physically & inside..i mean inside n out
i dont know bout them..i know just a little..
soo i dont judge much..
i'm not interested..i don even know if the guys r 4 real handsome or not
coz 4 me brad pitt is not attractive 4 me...
so i don know... so are george clooney, ben affleck,robert patinson,zac efron..they just ok
well they say these guys oozes sex appeal n sexy too..
but jude law & orlando bloom..they the cutest still...
jude law

orlando bloom

i dont know...hmm..the end xD

till then bubbbyeeeeeee....~
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