Saturday, January 29, 2011

may i present DEBORAH PRIYA HENRY….^^

well i am very fascinated with beauty pageant..n i da heck h*** dont know why???
like ,maybe all  da women up there in the stage are GORGEOUS….~woot*
no i’m kidding is bcoz i just thing it actlly, 1 of da best platform 4 us women
to gain xprience,learning bout othrs n of course da most fav thngy 4 me..
is to do charity…i luv luv charity..i hope i cn help pupil sumday..nyways
if u r da new MISS UNIVERSE u hav to get n help usually there this foundation 4 AIDS pupil..
so yeah that cool rght(:
well nywys i luv our MISS DEBBY =KIND HEARTED(she runs tis foundation 4 somali refugee i mean da clhdrn)+SMART+OF COURSE GORGEOUS2,BEAUTYFULL..LALALA..n i hope she will succeed in her mission  to grab  da ULTIMATE GROWN OF DA UNIVERSE…heheehe..good luck debby…luv ya..muahhhh!!!!~xD
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